Entrepreneur to the core, Matt Cramer was born with a passion to create a life of freedom from the hourly drone by building a limitless business empire.


His out-of-the-box thinking and ability to implement innovative ideas into business and marketing is what sets him apart. But his genuine mission to help others and authentic nature is what attracts his clients to him. In fact, nothing is more fulfilling to Matt than when his clients implement his strategies and get incredible results. 


Previously Director of Lead Generation on a large real estate team, Matt has developed strategies that makes lead generation for Real Estate Agents incredibly efficient and inexpensive. While he started out by mastering the art of Facebook advertising, Matt now focuses on a more holistic approach to social media marketing, allowing his clients to build an evergreen marketing system that will continue to bring in leads for years to come, and that will create a “local celebrity effect,” where his clients become well-known in their community. 


Today, Matt is the Founder & CEO of Relentless Media, a Social Media & SEO Marketing Agency that specializes in helping Real Estate Agents grow their business through online media.  


In addition, Matt co-created the Real Estate Marketing & Conversion Academy program which has successfully helped hundreds of real estate agents and online marketers increase their conversion rates, knowledge base, and bottom line in their business. 


Matt currently runs multiple facebook groups on the topic of lead generation, online lead conversion, and building your online brand. 


Matt has helped to generate over $200,000,000 in closed volume for his real estate clients and in 2019 has generated over 50,000,000 impressions for his clients. 


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What I Can Do For You

Media Strategy

We start by crafting a strategy designed specifically for you to grow and generate new business online.

Targeted approach

Using proven data and systems we will begin putting you in front of your ideal clientele from day one. 


We will be tracking results and making adjustments every step of the way to constantly improve performance.

Work With Matt

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