How To Get Buyer Leads from Facebook

by | Dec 30, 2019

So there’s a couple of different options here. You have organic options and you have paid options. In this specific post, I’m going to be talking about how to get more buyer leads on Facebook with organic (FREEEE!) options. 

So if you’re a real estate agent and you’re looking to get more buyers on Facebook, one of the first things you need to do is you need to optimize your Facebook profile. 

What does that mean? Your profile should be set up in a way that captures attention, draws people in, and then leads them to give you their contact information. 


First, you need to have a sexy profile header. It needs to be something that stands out so when people see it, they say, “Wow, this person is a professional”. 

This means, your Facebook profile header should not be a picture of your dog or your family or something very personal. Your profile is no longer so much about you, as it is about what you can do for your clients. 

Next, you need to have a professional profile photo. Now notice I didn’t say a sexy profile picture… I said a sexy profile header, and your profile photo should be professional. 

You want your profile to look professional. You want your header to look attractive, and I’m not talking about your physical attractiveness. I’m talking about being aesthetically pleasing. 

Now that you have your profile set up, with your professional profile image and your attractive profile header set up, you want to use what’s called a featured image. The featured image is going to be an image that is on the left-hand side when it’s on desktop, and it’s on the center full screen when it’s on mobile. 

So what this is, is an image with a call to action (CTA). Something like  “Hey, if you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, click the link above or below to learn more.” 

Now we go from having a regular Facebook profile to having a profile capable of bringing in LEADS! So anytime we are interacting in groups or on people’s pages or in comments, whatever it is, people end up going back to your profile to see who you are. 

This curiosity is why you want your profile set up to capture people’s info. Number one, your profile now says you are a real estate agent. Number two, it tells people “here’s how you get in touch with me”. Number three, it looks professional!

Next, we want to make sure that we delete any of our old photos that should not be seen by our clients. You know, if you are a 25-year-old professional and you’ve got all these pictures from when you were 18 and smoking weed or 21 and getting wasted at the bar, hide those photos. 

You can download them for yourself, but on Facebook get rid of those photos because they really do not help you and will likely work against you. 

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, your Facebook profile is basically your resume. People will look you up, they will judge you based on what they see, and oftentimes, especially when you have political stuff on your Facebook, you might find that you lose an appointment or a buyer based on your personal beliefs.

Hence the reason if we want to get buyer leads on Facebook we need to make this a professional-looking profile. I understand it’s been unprofessional up until this point, but it’s almost 2020 and it’s time to make the adjustment. People look you up, it is what it is…

So now that we’ve got your profile set up, here is one method that we’re going to use in order to generate FREE buyer leads from Facebook. 


We are going to generate buyer leads by becoming active on other people’s Facebook posts. We’re going to start seeing this happen organically as we interact with other people. 

So it’s really crazy to talk about this, but we’re going to be social on social media… I know… It’s as tough for me to write it as it is for you to read it… 

From now on what you need to do is go through your feed EVERY DAY and start interacting with people. Start being social… 

Not just liking their posts, not just liking their photos. You need to leave a comment because guess what happens? As soon as you leave a comment, someone else is going to be able to see you exist. 

People see other people who comment on posts. When they see you, they can click on your profile and now that your profile is all set up (like we just talked about), it’s going to be able to convert buyers into clients. BOOM! You now know how to get buyer leads on Facebook.

Still confused? Well, let’s go over it…  if somebody is actually looking to buy a home and in the meantime, they are commenting on their friend’s Facebook status AND they see you commented something interesting on that post, they may just meander over to your profile you’ve just optimized. And now they are more likely to reach out and have you help them with buying a home.

So as we start commenting on our friend’s posts and commenting inside of local groups, we’re going to be engaged by people who see those comments. Now, when I’m talking about groups, I mean specifically local groups. 

For instance, I’m located in Keego Harbor, Michigan. There’s a group called “So Keego” where people are constantly talking about the neighborhood. Things like whose dog is loose, who’s driving too fast down the street, etc. 

I mean, it’s a neighborhood group and I’m sure you have some of these in your area that maybe you’re not even a part of yet, but they are in your area. They exist just about everywhere, so be sure to look for those and join as many as you can. 

(Don’t join more than 5 a day at first, though, because you can get tagged by facebook as a spammer if you are joining 50 all at once.) 

You might be asking, “But how will this get me more free buyer leads on Facebook?”

Well… you’re going to be active again, socializing in these groups and as well as on your friends’ profiles. You should be doing at least 10 comments a day on profiles and 5 comments per day in groups. 

Now, don’t go through lightning-fast and just leave ? ? ? and expect that to count as a comment. If you do that a lot, you’re going to get hit by Facebook for spamming. 

Not to mention, people are not going to “like” it. They’re not getting any value. And again, it’s not gonna lead people back to your profile, so it’s not what you want to do. 


Another quick tip that you can do to get buyer leads on Facebook, leave local reviews. 

Local businesses love five-star reviews. So leave a ton of five-star reviews for local businesses in your area. 

Now I do suggest you actually go to the restaurant, you eat there, and THEN you leave the five-star review and especially when you take a photo of some food or of you being there and tag the local business. 

Because then not only is that business going to be excited because they just got a five-star review, but also you are going to be visible on that business’s profile!

Next, go make a post on that business’s page speaking highly of your experience there. So start with the review and then leave a post with a picture of you at the restaurant. “Oh my gosh, just ate here. And it was the most amazing tacos that I have ever had. Seriously!!!”

So the point being you are out there and again, you’re leaving little breadcrumbs back to your profile. People are going to see these breadcrumbs and eventually come back to your profile, which we’ve already fixed and now it turns lookers into buyers into clients. 

It’s official… you now know how to get buyer leads on Facebook… as if all of that wasn’t enough though… There’s more!

The third thing that I’m going to cover is super powerful! The third tip is local garage sale groups and local ‘buy and sell’ groups. 


For this, you will need to first get your listing photographed. So you will create a post inside a local garage sale group, or ‘buy and sell’ group, and you will upload all the listing photos and write a brief description.

Go ahead and list the price in your description, if you want quality leads that are interested in working with you. 

(If you want a ton of leads and you don’t care if they can afford that listing, by all means, leave the price out.)

Do this with every listing you get. Because you are posting in local groups, you will likely get buyers asking to go see the houses. 

Another major benefit is that people will begin to see you more and more, recognizing over time as you continue to post listings. So when they have questions about buying or selling, who do you think they’ll go to? You! The local expert! 

I must caution you though – you need to be careful not to spam the group. Make sure you’re not doing anything against the group terms or rules. 

The good news is that most of the time, posting listings is allowed inside these local groups, and you’re going to be able to post the same listing in each group within your area. 

For me, I’ve got like seven groups in the Oakland County area and then I have two other counties around me that also have garage sale groups and real estate groups and things like that. 

So you get like 10 to 15 to 20 places that you can post each individual listing that is going to drive traffic back to your profile and into your inbox. 

NOTE** Be sure to be looking at your message requests because if somebody is not a ‘Facebook friend’ and they reach out, that folder is where their message is going to go. Their message will not go into your main inbox. It will go into your message request folder. 

I want to emphasize this because I don’t want you to miss any of these opportunities, and that folder is easy to forget about! Check your message requests regularly!! 

Now, if you don’t have any listings, what can you do? 

Well, if you don’t have any listings, a lot of times what you can do is talk to your broker and find out the rules about posting HUD homes. And HUD usually has a list of homes now that are not always the greatest… But hey, if you don’t have any listings, take what you can get, right? 

Or you can go approach some local agents in your area, in your office and your brokerage and ask them, hey, can I market your listing a little bit and keep the leads that I am able to obtain off of it?

And obviously, if I find a buyer, I’ll bring them over and show them the house, which could help you sell your client’s house, and could help me get a buyer, right? 

So it’s a win-win for both people. It shouldn’t be an issue. 

Again, if you don’t have listings, check with your broker, check with agents in your office and look at using HUD homes to market. But the reality is if you’re posting to five groups a day, five opportunities for people to reach out to you, you’re going to start seeing some leads. 

And of course, we do have more advanced ways of doing this that we will get into in the future. But right now, this is a great opportunity that you could be doing to immediately get more clients coming to you through Facebook organically. 

This is free. This is not taking a ton of time. This is not taking a ton of effort, and again, it is FREE. So this is how you’re going to get buyer leads on Facebook organically. You can start today.

And if you have more questions, go ahead and leave a comment below. Let me know if this was helpful!


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