How To Get Free Seller Leads On Facebook

by | Jan 8, 2020

Whether you are a new agent with a minimal marketing budget, or an experienced agent with a large team, or somewhere in between, any real estate agent can benefit from this method to get free seller leads!

But before we dive into the “How To”, we first need to talk about something… 

I see so many agents talk about “bad leads” or get frustrated when their leads don’t convert the day they get them. 

So let’s talk for a minute about what a lead actually is. Don’t skip this, this is important.


Sure, when you’re paying for leads, Facebook and Zillow will define a “lead” by someone who has filled out their name, number, and email. 

But we need to think of leads differently. Think about Law & Order or some other tv detective show. When they get a “lead”, what to do they do? 

They don’t just run out and arrest the lead! 

They reach out and they interview that person, sometimes multiple times. They try to learn about what the situation is and more information about what’s going on. They even try to build trust with their leads. 

Then they can move onto the arrest or whatever goal they’re trying to get to. 

We need to think of our leads like that. When a lead comes in, we need to immediately follow up with that person and start to build out a relationship, learning what their needs are and why/when they are interested in moving. 

We need to treat our leads as actual people, and not just name/number/email. 

Keeping this in mind, you will have more success in generating free leads on Facebook, and in other lead generation methods as well. 

METHOD #1 For Free Seller Leads On Facebook: FACEBOOK GROUPS

Facebook groups are an awesome opportunity to get in front of thousands of people at absolutely no cost. But we need to be careful not to be spammy and annoying, destroying our brand. So let’s talk about how to do this the right way. 

First, go into facebook, and in the search bar type in “garage sale” in your area. You might see “yard sale”, “buy & sell groups”, etc. those are all good. 

Choose one for now, and take a look at the number of members in the group. You want this to be worth your time, so I recommend that you choose groups that have 15,000 members or more. 

Next, you’re going to look for any rules listed. This is very important, because some groups will not allow you to post listings or real estate related posts, and in that case we will pass and search for a new group. 

For the rules, check the about section, the sidebar, the pinned post, and even the files folder within the group. 

Read the rules, because we want to make sure we remain compliant. This could be a very long term lead generation method, which means we want to have a good reputation in our groups. 

Go ahead and join as many groups as you can, but space it out so that you are joining a few per day so that Facebook doesn’t think you are a spammer. 

Now that you’ve joined a few groups, you can make a post. I recommend creating a “free home evaluation” post. 

Title: Free Home Evaluation

Description: Thinking of selling your home? I’m offering free no-obligation home evaluations for anyone who’s thinking of moving. 

Photo: You can choose a free photo of a house to download from

Keep in mind that free home evaluation leads are typically not going to be ready to sell their house immediately. This is a long-term game, and you may need to nurture them for several months, maybe even years. 

But the point is to build your database, build relationships, and the good news is that even if those leads are not ready to sell, they could still send you referrals in the meantime. 

The other thing we can do in these groups is search for For Sale By Owner listings where people are trying to sell their own house inside the group. 

To do this, go to the search bar and type in “beds” or “baths” or other listing related keywords. 

We can then reach out to them, ask them questions, and find out if we can add any value to them as a licensed real estate agent that they might not normally have as a person trying to sell their home on their own. 

Notice I did not say “Immediately message them with a long message to persuade them to list with you.” 

Don’t do that. 

Treat them like a person. Be interested in their situation, and try to provide value to them. If over time they struggle selling their home, who’s the first real estate agent they are going to go to for help? If you’ve done this well, it will probably be you.

METHOD #2 For Free Seller Leads On Facebook: FACEBOOK EVENTS

Creating a Facebook Event is the perfect opportunity if you are holding an Open House or are hosting some type of homebuyer seminar. 

Head to your Events tab on the left side bar of your Facebook (if you’re on a desktop), then click “Create Event,” then “Create Public Event.” 

When the form pops up, make sure in the top right corner your business page is selected. 

You’ll need to fill in the information and add a photo, which could be a free photo you grabbed from 

Then all you need to do is begin inviting. Start by filling up the event by inviting your friends and family. Then they can share it and invite others. 

If you’re worried no one will want to come to your event, and are hesitant to invite people, you really could be missing out. It really is worth doing, especially since it will be public and people will be able to see and find the event even if they’re not invited. 

But do your best to invite people and watch what happens.

METHOD #3 For Free Seller Leads On Facebook: CONSISTENT CONTENT

Consistently posting good content will not only build your authority as a real estate agent, but it will also get your posts seen by more people. 

Now no amount of posting is going to matter if people can’t easily figure out who you are and what you have to offer. 

So it’s absolutely paramount that you set up your >>personal<< profile in a way that actually generates leads. Someone who checks out your profile should immediately know that you are a real estate agent and should be drawn right away to links they can click to learn more or fill out a form. 

You can (and should) do that today, and if you need direction on how to do that, check out this post that breaks it all down for you.  

Once your profile is setup, you can start posting – often and consistently. 

As far as content, think about what would be valuable to you if you were considering a real estate agent to work with to help sell your home or find you a house. Some ideas of what to post are: 

  • Your recent sold houses
  • Your recent closings
  • What the market is doing
  • What is happening in your life as a real estate agent

Your goal should be about 2-3 posts every single day. Use those same posts in your Stories. 

Speaking of stories, this is a great opportunity to show people how hard you work! So take out your phone and record a quick message from your office and throw it into your stories. Do this daily!

You need to remind people that you’re a real estate agent while building trust and authority so that when the time comes for them to move or to refer a friend, you’ll be the one they reach out to because you’ll be top of mind.

METHOD #4 For Free Seller Leads On Facebook: CHATBOTS

If you’re not using chatbots for your real estate business, man you’re missing out!

Chatbots are a fantastic way to stay in front of your clients or potential clients, and to communicate with them while offering value. 

What’s the difference between chatbot messages and email you might ask? 

The open rates. 

Chatbots have an open rate that is MUCH higher than email open rates. Think about it, a lot of people have 10’s of Thousands of unopened emails but their Facebook Messages often don’t have any unopened messages or very few. 

Chatbots also get a much higher engagement rate. 

You can actually do this for free by heading

Once you download the chatbot, if you’re totally lost and don’t know what to do with it, be sure that you’ve joined our Facebook group because we talk about how to implement and use chatbots, what they’re great for, and we can answer any questions you have. 


Now you’re ready to start getting free leads on Facebook! I hope this was valuable to you. Please take a second to let me know in the comments, and feel free to leave any questions you have for me. 

The more feedback I can get, the better, so I can continue to serve you all as best as I can! 


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