How To Increase Engagement On Facebook

by | Dec 10, 2019

What is Facebook?

First, we need to look at Facebook as a whole to understand how we can make adjustments and increase our engagement on the platform. Facebook really cares most about their ad revenue. Facebook is a publicly-traded company and they have shareholders to answer to. It hasn’t always been this way and obviously, the user experience is still amazing or they wouldn’t be here.

If we understand that Facebook ultimately cares the most about their ad revenue we can work backward from this theory to discover how to increase our engagement on the platform.

So What Does Facebook Want?

Plain and simple, Facebook wants to show more users ads so they can charge their advertisers more money. In order to show more ads to users, Facebook has to keep the users attention and keep them engaged on the platform.

The longer a user stays on the platform, the more ads they are going to see and the more revenue Facebook is able to generate.

Facebook wants to show users content that will increase their engagement and keep them on the platform longer. Whether that means your riddle or rediculous math equation that generates hundreds of shares and comments or if it’s a recent news story about a fireman saving a kitten from a tree. Facebooks’ systems are analyzing content 24/7 and they’re using those analyses to keep you on the platform and make more money.

Creating Engaging Content

As I mentioned a moment ago there are these posts with simple math problems that have recently been blowing up. These posts drive hundreds of comments and shares and keep people engaged on Facebook longer. The reason this happens is simply by asking people a question. Questions are the most engaging type of content you can post to social media. If you want to increase engagement on Facebook, post more questions. The result will often be more comments, likes and shares.

When you consistently post engaging content on Facebook, your posts are going to be shown to more and more people. Here’s a simple post that will blow up the engagement on your Facebook page. Just save it and post it and watch…

Why Do We Want To Increase Engagement On Facebook?

If we go back to the earlier theory we covered, Facebook wants to show engaging content to people in order to keep them on the platform longer and make more money showing them more ads, then by using these between some of your other posts you should be getting more views on your less engaging content.

In Summary…

If you want to increase your engagement on Facebook (which is a REALLY GOOD IDEA) then you need to post more engaging content and the easiest way to do that is by asking more questions to the people you are friends with.


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